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So when I started all of this I only had my laptop and I was writing wherever I felt like sitting...the couch, the chair, wherever. My problem was, I tend to lean forward as I'm typing so my neck and shoulders would end up hurting. This was not very conducive to productive writing sessions, and so there came the light bulb moment, buy a desk! Of course, but which one? 
So began the search for a desk. I didn't have a lot of room to put one...although I could have had a whole room, but I have put off cleaning the extra bedroom for the entire 6 years I've lived here, why start now??? So I measured how much room I had in the living room, after a small amount of furniture rearrangement, and went from there. I find a small desk (and chair) I really like and that I think will fit fairly well it it's designated corner. Order desk and chair. Get desk and chair. Put desk and chair together (with only mild frustration, irritation and moderate cursing). Done. Ta da!!! I am now a professional writer with a desk and everything. Woohoo! I even found a lamp I liked that my mom had and gave to me. It's one of those green shade lamps I always associate with banks. I've always liked it and my mom knew that, so when she began clearing out her house she gave it to me. Now it sits on the corner of my desk, illuminating my words as they pour forth. 
So.....now I have an official setting to do my work. Desk...check. Comfortable chair....check. Lamp....check. Pens, pencils, etc....double check. Then of course I had to make it mine. So on the left back corner I have my Himalayan salt lamp and a couple of my stones. Commence writing sequence!!! Ok, things are progressing as well as possible....then I add an online class...so more stuff gets added to the piles on my desk and on the shelves. Houston, we have a problem.
So now I have papers from 3 stories on this desk, plus homework and activities from the online class. I do have a system...of sorts...or at least I know where everything is. I know where the story notes are. I know where the writing tips and information I've printed off are. I know where my class stuff is (right side of the desk, next to the mouse pad, under the map I drew of the home city where my hero in one of my books lives). Yes it is organized chaos, but it's mine and it works for me. It's taken awhile for me to learn that...take what works for me and run with it. I can't write the way other famous writers do, and I shouldn't. They all had to find their own style and so do I.
Be myself. Trust myself. That's what I can do. Oh...and clean my desk once in awhile. 😬


  1. I have such a bad habit of writing in bed with my laptop balanced on my lap. Not only does it tend to get hot from not being on a flat surface, but I tend to not get up and walk around often enough to get my blood moving, as I would if I sat at a desk.

    So, my bed has become a desk of sorts. At anytime it will be buried beneath sloppy piles of my writings, writing notebooks, reference books on writing, etc. I'm not a hoarder but sometimes I wish someone would come do an intervention on me! I have two desks to choose from, I think I just have some kind of mental block against using either of them.


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