Still here...sort of....

So I'm still hanging in there after the big move....ahhh....kind of. I finally found a place to live, but I can't get moved in until the 15th of this month. Sooooo...I have been staying with my daughter and her family for the past month and driving an hour to work every day. We are going back to get the rest of my stuff (my whole house lol) the weekend of the 15th and I will finally be back on my own and writing again. 
I've thought about trying to write while I'm here, but I just can't concentrate enough to get it done. I leave at 7am everyday and don't get back until 6pm. Then it's dinner and 2 very active young grandkids (who I love dearly, but make me very tired). So it will have to wait until I am back in my own place. I have everything figured out on how and where I'm putting everything now. I'm renting an apartment that is actually the bottom floor of an older house, so the floor plan is all chopped up...each room is separated from the others and 2 bedrooms are connected so that you have to walk through one to get to the other. Weird, but I decided to make those two rooms my rooms so my bed will be in one and my dresser and desk will be in the other....kind of like a large dressing room with a writing desk lol. I realized I will also have to buy a stepladder to get to the upper cupboards in the kitchen, they go all the way to the damn ceiling! I'm not short by any means, but what the hell??!!
Since I have the whole lower level that also means that I get the garage. Woohoo!!! I've only ever had a garage once in my life while I was still married and it was pretty small. This has room for two smaller vehicles and a storage area off to one side. So even though it is a smaller place I am excited to be back on my own soon and I will have a designated writing area :)
Things have still been moving in the writing area as I sent the first 3 chapters of one of my books to an editor for critiquing and she sent it back with good things to say in spite of my newbie mistakes. So I'll have work to do as soon as I get set back up again! But I'm thrilled to do means I'm on my way. It will take a lot of work to get it to where it needs to be, a great novel, but doesn't anything worth doing take work? Hard work? Of course it does. And I'm ready.


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