Well, I made it...

I am moved. Not unpacked completely, but moved. I had forgotten how much I hate packing and unpacking. Not to mention renting U-Hauls, loading U-Hauls, unloading U-Hauls...ughhhhh. Thank goodness I have a child (and son-in-law) that I could convince to help me lol! They were great and we got it all done. Some days this being single business sucks, but on the other hand I do what I want, when I want to....or just do nothing...because I want to. So I guess, six of one half a dozen of the other. Is it possible to find that perfect blend? Someone to help out and hang out, but leave me alone on the days I don't feel like peopling??? I sure as hell hope so.
On the writing front I am getting close to starting up again. I have the computer desk and laptop set up in their designated area (yes they have an "area" now). I have had the one story I started sent to an editor for editing...only 3 chapters so not too expensive...and got good feedback on it. It needs lots of work of course, but positive words are still positive words. I'm hoping once I get the two versions of the first story blended together and get a little farther down the road with it, I will be able to afford to have it edited as well. Hope springs eternal in this apartment :).
The old dog is finally adjusting and I now only have to drive a few blocks to work (literally 5 minutes) instead of an hour to work and back from my daughters house, where I was staying until I could find a place here. I also have to say I am tired of summer, or rather the 90 - 100 degree heat that we're having this year. I am SO ready for Fall. I would love to find somewhere that had perpetual Fall....60 -70 degree weather, perhaps some rain, cool breezes....yep...that's where I need to go.
This is going to be short as I have a load of other things to try to accomplish, but I'll be back more regularly from now on and hopefully with much more accomplished on my books. 
Love, light and peace to you all.  


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