And we're rolling.....sort of

Well, I've decided that I'm going to combine the two versions of my first least in theory. I'm going to print out the second version and mark what I want to keep....then go through the printed first version and mark where I want the new pieces to fit. Ok. Sounds like a good plan. 

Except....I forgot to print out the second version before I left work on Friday (my printer and my laptop are having a bit of a tiff and are not currently speaking to each other) and my Saturday got blown to hell, with random minutia and an attempt to mow the jungle I call a backyard. It's been raining quite a bit lately so I've been waiting for it dry up enough for me to mow and I finally decided to take a shot before I lose my dog back there. I gave up after getting about a little more than half done....I got really tired of restarting the mower after the heavy wet grass kept killing it's still on "the list". 

Now today it's laundry (like every Sunday), cleaning house and bowling. Although tonight is our last night of the regular season, next week is our banquet. Today was also my first attempt at making scones...hopefully they work out better than the mowing...and the book writing. 

I had a good plan...the execution just fell a little short. Well, maybe a lot short. But I've discovered that I have a way of making it up....and that usually consists of a few late nights and very tired days. I've been trying to figure out "my" writing I work best...or at the very least what works for me. I've read books, blogs, articles...whatever I could find to see how successful writers write. And the one major thing I realized is....I can't write like that. I don't have an outline, or even a basic plan. I just write down what comes into my head, whether it's on the computer, on a random piece of paper or in one of my notebooks. I'm an organized mess. I have areas for everything, so I know where to find my notes on each book....where the interesting information I've found online and printed out is stashed...where my drawings for the inside of this book are kept....I have a place for everything. 

But my system is a bit off kilter. I work on whichever book is currently in my head. I like to think it gives me a break from each of them when I need it and I eventually go back to the previous book with new ideas. Of course every so often I need a break from both of them and so maybe I won't write at all for a week...or so. 

The biggest thing I've learned from this attempt at writing (and finishing) a book is that I need to go with what works for me. I can't write like other people write, because I'm not them. I can only be me. It's the only thing I know how to do...and someday's even that's questionable...but it's the best I can do...and so tomorrow is a new day for me to start again.

P.S. The raspberry/blueberry scones were a success :)


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